Cathy Rogers Evans - Certified Senior III Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Cathy and Randy's Classes in April, May and June 2012.
All level classes.
Monday,Wednesday 9.30a.m-11a.m.
Friday 3-4.30p.m.Restorative class.
Saturdays 9 a.m.-10.30a.m.
Bamboo Yoga.Coronado.CA

Wednesday 18th & Friday 20th April Cathy will teach the classes at Bamboo.

Randys' Level 1/2 class at Radiance Yoga in Mission Hills.San Diego.
Monday 6p.m-7.30p.m.

Mens Class with Randy at Zeller on
Tuesdays 6.00p.m.-7.30p.m.

Level 2/3/4 at Radiance Yoga in Mission Hills.
Thursday 5.30p.m-7p.m

Cathy is teaching at Radiance on Thursdays April 19th,April 26th, May 10th.

Advanced Class at BNHC.
These are the Fridays which Cathy will be teaching.. May 18th,25thJune 1st, 22nd, 29th. Chanting/Patanjalis Sutra discussion group starts at the small yoga room. Advanced Asana class 6.15p.m the main Yoga room.
This class is a drop in class.You may book for the term if you prefer.

Cathy will be teaching some of the Saturday 9a.m. drop in classes at BNHC.May 19th.

April 27th - May 4th2012 Mexico City.Teachers Training and workshops.Contact;The Yoga Center Mexico City.

May 5th & 6th. Open Workshop.
'Explore the nature of consciousness in Asana'
Texcoco Mexico.

June 30th &July 1st 2012 IIYS at BNHC.Brighton Sussex.
Teachers;Cathy Rogers Evans and Randall Evans.
Two days of Asana and Pranayama from a philosophical base.
"Integrate your practise.Using Kaemendriya and Jnanendriya in a cultured way".
A full weekend Yoga Workshop for members and visitors of The Institute of Iyengar Yoga in Sussex.
venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre.Regents Street Brighton.
for advance booking go to IIYS.

August 31st-September 6th 2012 Mexico City Teachers training and workshops.Contact ;Iyengar Yoga Center Mexico

November 10th & 11th  2012 Weekend workshop Yogawest Bristol. U.K

December 7th - 14th 2012 Mexico City Teachers Training and workshops.

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